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The Mint Bar

The Sheriff is in town . Mind your manners ! ... See MoreSee Less

The Sheriff is in town  . Mind your manners !


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3 in a row

Monte, Did you sign his Mint Bar hat?

Oh no, whenever he shows up it always means someone has been murdered. 🤠

Two great guys I have had the pleasure to meet. Love The Mint Bar!

Awe!!! This is a great pic, Monte!!! He comes in and sees you every year, huh?

He comes to town now and then.

Man I wish I could as there!

So cool in such an awesome place.

Very nice Monte.

Yay! Sheriff Longmire's back in town❤❤❤


nice 🙂

Austin Howie 😲😲😲

Sylvia Bartells

Samara J Campbell

Mark Starr

Cody Minich

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2 months ago

The Mint Bar

Coolest cap ever !! Available on our Web site . ... See MoreSee Less

Coolest cap ever !! Available on our Web site .


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go to our web site . click on GOODS.

Hello. I ordered 3 of them (order#3320) and got the wrong ones. How do we go about this? Thank you

What brand hat is that? My narrow ass head can only fit certain ones... lol

Lisa, this one!

I have to buy there.

Flat bill only?

I want one

Brianna Krook

Danny M. Moncecchi

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2 months ago

The Mint Bar

I can always tell when Bert's in town !!! ... See MoreSee Less

I can always tell when Berts in town !!!


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I miss Sheridan and the Mint bar. Both are awesome.

2 months ago

The Mint Bar

Got us Hootanny going on at THE MINT BAR !!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Got us Hootanny going on at THE MINT BAR !!!!


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I miss those days there...haven't found a place like The Mint since leaving Sheridan...😫

Looks like i missed a helluva party!!

Miss that bar

Lo mejor de sheridan....

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Mint Mentions

Everybody's Talking About the Mint!

“Horses have been known to drink at the bar, and even today it’s the domain of pranksters, where your camera might be stolen and returned 15 minutes later, complete with anonymous butt images – yep, that sort of place.”

St. George News

The Mint is featured in “Whiskey Before Breakfast,” an oil painting by Michael Blessing, featured in an exhibit entitled “The Many Facets of the West,” on display at the St. George Art Museum in St. George, Utah.

Travel and Leisure, March 2015

“The Mint Saloon, which opened in 1907, was forced to rebrand because of Prohibition, becoming Mint Cigar Company and Soda Shop. However, that didn’t stop ranchers and cowboys, many of whom would actually ride their horse into the saloon, to imbibe stronger stuff in the back. Try The Ditch, a take on whiskey with water.”

North American Hunter – Fall 2014

“…stay in Sheridan and belly up to the Mint Bar, just like the local ranch hands have been doing since 1907.”

The Sheridan Press, May 14, 2013

“A Sheridan mainstay for more than a century, The Mint’s high profile Main Street location and name recognition make it a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike. ‘This is everybody’s bar in Sheridan. Its been here so long that its kind of an anchor,’ says Monte Buckmaster, co-owner of the Mint Bar.”

Cowboys & Indians, June 2011

“The century-old Mint Bar in Sheridan, Wyoming , is as lively and quintessentially cowboy as the neon sign out front. Memorable both because Kenny Rogers was thrown out the front window in Wild Horses and for the distinctive bar made of gnarled pine burls, The Mint Bar is a true watering hole – no one comes here for the food.”

American Cowboy Magazine, April/May 2011

“A bronc-riding neon cowboy leads you to this burlwood den, considered by most to be the ultimate cowboy bar in the cowboy state.”

The Boston Globe, November 7, 2010

“We follow the boys to Sheridan’s Mint Bar, an old-school western classic with buck and ram heads dotting the walls, hundreds of rodeo photos, and 100n years’ worth of stories most moms will never hear.”

National Geographic, August/September 2009

“Wind down with a “ditch” (Plains-speak for whiskey and water) at the Mint Bar on Main Street; look for the massive neon cowboy and bucking horse.”

True West Magazine, January/February 2006

“Best Local Bars: The Mint Bar (obviously)”